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What Is Sign and Glide Coverage: Ultimate Benefits of Comprehensive Boat Assistance

by David Seibert
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What is Sign and Glide Coverage

Key Takeaways

  • Sign and Glide: Comprehensive on-water assistance.
  • No deductible, unlimited usage for peace of mind.
  • Affordable at $60/year, transparent pricing.
  • Easily added to Progressive boat insurance.
  • Request assistance via app, tow within 45-60 mins.

Understanding What is Sign and Glide Coverage is essential for anyone navigating insurance. This unique feature provides a safety net during unforeseen situations on the road, offering peace of mind and assistance when needed. Exploring the intricacies of this coverage unveils its significance and benefits within the broader spectrum of insurance policies.

Key Features: What Is Sign and Glide Coverage

Under Sign and Glide Coverage, towing assistance includes various services—towing to repair shops, jump starts, fuel and oil delivery, disentanglements, and soft ungrounding help—without deductibles or usage limits. Once you reach out to dispatch detailing your location and issue, a professional towing service will promptly ensure your boat’s safe transport to the nearest repair spot, taking necessary precautions in challenging conditions.

Furthermore, if your boat is refloated upon initial arrival, you may be eligible for reimbursement for the direct tow, subject to the limits of your boat insurance policy. This ensures that you won’t have to bear the full cost of towing services, emphasizing the importance of comparing boat insurance policies.

What is Sign and Glide Coverage

Benefits of Sign and Glide Insurance

Enjoy peace of mind and added convenience with the benefits of Sign and Glide Insurance. With Sign and Glide, you can glide through any on-water emergency without worrying about hefty expenses or delays.

One of the main benefits is the ease of requesting a tow directly from your cell phone. There is no need to search for a tow company or worry about finding a reliable service provider. With Sign and Glide, you can open the Glide app and request assistance with just a few taps. Licensed tow operators will be dispatched to your location within 45-60 minutes.

Sign and Glide Insurance provides comprehensive on-water assistance for various emergencies, including jump starts, fuel delivery, and navigating safely, such as passing a boat right or left. No deductible or usage limit – request assistance as needed at no extra cost.

Sign and Glide Insurance also offers affordability with an annual fee of just $60. This fee covers all the benefits and services provided by Sign and Glide. Unlike other insurance companies, there are no hidden charges or membership requirements. With Sign and Glide, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re protected on the water at an affordable price.

How Sign and Glide Works?

You need to follow these steps to understand how Sign and Glide works. First, ensure you have Sign and Glide coverage added to your Progressive boat insurance policy. Sign and Glide is a registered trademark that provides on-water boat towing to the nearest point of repair or removal with no deductible or predetermined limit to service usage. This coverage applies to any craft or PWC on your policy.

If you find yourself in a disablement situation, the process is straightforward. Contact the Sign and Glide service hotline provided by Progressive. A licensed tow operator will then be dispatched to assist you. They typically arrive within 45-60 minutes, although wait times may be longer during peak periods. Once the tow operator comes, they’ll tow your boat or PWC directly to the nearest point of repair or removal.

sign and glide works

Sign and Glide also offers other helpful services. They’ve covered you if you need a jump start, fuel delivery, oil or fluid delivery, disentanglement, or soft, ungrounding assistance. These services are included in the Sign and Glide coverage and don’t have a predetermined limit.

It’s important to note that Sign and Glide coverage is available in the United States, with the cost being $30 per year in most states, except for Florida, where it’s $50 per year. So, with Sign and Glide, you can have peace of mind knowing that help is just a phone call away when you need it most.

What Sign and Glide Covers?

Adding Sign and Glide coverage to your Progressive boat insurance policy ensures a range of services without redundancy. These services include on-water boat towing, jump starts, fuel delivery, oil/fluid delivery, disentanglements, and soft ungrounding assistance.

If your boat or personal watercraft (PWC) is stuck in a shallow area or grounded, Sign and Glide can assist in returning it to safe waters. A call to our dispatch center with your personal information will prompt the dispatch of a professional to aid you.

For soft ungrounding situations, we’ll work to rock and refloat your boat or PWC upon arrival. If your boat requires repair or removal, we can provide assistance.

glide covers

The best part is that there’s no deductible or predetermined limit to how many times you can use the service. We understand that accidents happen, and we want to make sure you have the help you need when you need it.

Sign and Glide App Overview

With the Sign & Glide app, easily request on-water towing and access your Progressive boat insurance policy. This app provides convenient and efficient assistance, ensuring your boat insurance covers water towing.

The app covers various situations, including jump starts, fuel delivery, oil/fluid delivery, disentanglements, and soft ungrounding assistance. With Sign & Glide coverage, you don’t have to worry about deductibles or a predetermined limit to service usage.

When you need towing assistance, the app ensures that you receive prompt help, with an average response time of 45-60 minutes. The app also provides precise location information to the dispatch center so they can locate you quickly if you’re lost on the water.

The cost of the Sign & Glide app is $30 per year in most states, with a slightly higher price of $50 per year in Florida. If you’re wondering, “What is Sign and Glide coverage?”—it provides valuable reimbursement for direct tow, subject to specific limits. For boat owners, the Sign & Glide app is an invaluable resource, delivering peace of mind and efficient on-water assistance..

Cost of Sign and Glide Coverage

If you’re curious about how much Sign and Glide coverage will cost you, let me break it down for you.Sign and Glide coverage costs $30 per year in all states except for Florida, where it’s slightly higher at $50 per year.This affordable on-water towing coverage allows you to glide on water without going 0 out of pocket. It’s available on your policy for any boat or personal watercraft (PWC), and there’s no deductible.

With Sign and Glide coverage, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that if your boat or PWC breaks down on the water, you won’t have to worry about the cost of towing it to the nearest point of repair. Progressive Casualty Insurance covers the cost of towing up to a specific limit, offering assurance for both open water and advanced open water scenarios. That means you can contact a tow operator directly, and they’ll bill Progressive directly, so you don’t have to pay anything upfront.

glide coverage

Understanding what is sign and glide coverage is becomes essential for boaters seeking peace of mind on the water. It’s crucial to note that although there’s no set limit to the number of service calls, Progressive retains the right to restrict calls related to routine maintenance or repair. Nevertheless, as long as your service requests align with covered reasons, you can experience the convenience and peace of mind that Sign and Glide coverage offers, all at an affordable annual premium.

Complete Boat Policy Coverage

A boat policy offers various services crucial for boaters, including tow boat assistance, boat towing services, and water towing services. This coverage ensures that in the event of a boat accident or soft un-groundings, there’s swift help available. Moreover, it encompasses liability coverage and liability insurance that safeguards against property damage and covers legal costs if such incidents occur.

With a focus on customer services, these policies also extend support for fuel delivery in emergencies, mitigating risks of fuel spills and providing credit card convenience for seamless transactions. Including features like Propulsion Plus and unlimited towing amplifies the breadth of assistance, offering comprehensive protection and peace of mind to boaters.


In the complex insurance landscape, What is Sign and Glide Coverage is valuable, providing swift and reliable assistance during unexpected roadside incidents. Its accessibility and comprehensive support redefine the insurance experience, offering reassurance and convenience to policyholders. Embracing this coverage illuminates a proactive approach to managing unforeseen circumstances, ensuring a smoother journey on the road of life.

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