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Exploring Excellence: Striker Vivid 5cv Review

by David Seibert
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Striker Vivid 5cv Review

Key Takeaways

  • The Striker Vivid 5cv has a compact, waterproof, and robust design, making it durable and suitable for fishing trips.
  • The 5-inch backlit color display provides clear visibility and allows anglers to easily view water temperature and depth.
  • The CHIRP sonar technology and ClearVu scanning sonar offer enhanced target separation and detailed imaging of fish and structures.
  • The fishfinder features GPS waypoints and routes, high-sensitivity GPS for accurate positioning, and the ability to share waypoints and routes with compatible Garmin devices.

Looking for a fish finder that combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features? Look no further than the Striker Vivid 5cv by Garmin. In a world where fishing equipment can often be overwhelming and complicated, this device offers a refreshing blend of simplicity and sophistication. But that’s just the beginning. With its compact and waterproof design, high-resolution color display, and advanced sonar capabilities, the Striker Vivid 5cv promises to take your fishing experience to a whole new level. But what else does it have in store for you? Well, you’ll have to keep reading to find out.

Striker Vivid 5cv Design and Build Quality

The design and build quality of the Garmin Striker Vivid 5cv fishfinder is compact, waterproof, and robust, making it a reliable tool for your fishing adventures. With its durable construction, this fish finder control head can withstand the rigors of your fishing trips. The compact size allows for easy installation and portability, making it a convenient choice for any angler. The waterproof feature ensures that you can use it in any weather conditions without worrying about damage.

Additional Features

The STRIKER Vivid 5cv features a 5-inch backlit color display that is easy to read, even in bright sunlight. The display provides clear, crisp images of fish and underwater structures, thanks to the CHIRP sonar technology and ClearVu scanning sonar. This fish finder offers a depth range of 1,100 feet in saltwater and 2,300 feet in freshwater, allowing you to explore a variety of fishing environments.

In addition to its impressive sonar capabilities, the Garmin Striker Vivid 5cv also includes Quickdraw maps. This feature allows you to create and store up to 2 million acres of maps with 1-foot contours. With the contour mapping, you can navigate the water with precision and locate the best fishing spots.

Display and Interface

With its bright 5-inch backlit color display, the Garmin Striker Vivid 5cv fishfinder offers clear visibility in various lighting conditions. This display allows you to easily view important information such as water temperature and depth, enhancing your fishing experience. The Striker Vivid 5cv also features combination screens, which allow you to display up to three panels simultaneously. You can prioritize the most important panel to ensure you have the information you need at a glance. While the interface is considered average, the well-laid out menus and functional buttons contribute to its overall functionality. The Striker Vivid 5cv also integrates with the ActiveCaptain app, which provides access to charts and maps for a more comprehensive fishing experience. Additionally, the fishfinder is compatible with different transducers, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Overall, while the display and interface of the Striker Vivid 5cv may not be exceptional, they offer practical features and functionality for fishing enthusiasts.

Sonar Capabilities

After exploring the display and interface of the Garmin Striker Vivid 5cv fishfinder, let’s now turn our attention to its impressive sonar capabilities. The STRIKER Vivid 5cv utilizes CHIRP sonar technology, which enhances target separation and provides clearer images of underwater structures and fish. This advanced sonar system ensures that you can easily distinguish between different fish species and identify their location with precision.

Sonar Capabilities

One of the standout features of the sonar capabilities is the ClearVu scanning sonar. This feature allows for detailed imaging of fish and structures beneath your boat. You can clearly see the fish’s movement and behavior, making it easier to target them and improve your fishing success.

The STRIKER Vivid 5cv offers an impressive depth range of 1,100 feet in saltwater and 2,300 feet in freshwater. This allows you to explore a wide range of fishing environments and find the best spots to cast your line.

Additionally, the fishfinder comes with customizable sonar chart features such as split-zoom view and adjustable depth line. These features allow you to focus on specific areas of interest and get a better understanding of the underwater topography.

The STRIKER Vivid 5cv also includes the Quickdraw Contours mapping software, which lets you create personalized fishing maps with 1-foot contours. You can mark waypoints and create routes to navigate your favorite fishing spots with ease.

Mapping and Navigation Features

Enhance your fishing experience with the mapping and navigation features of the STRIKER Vivid 5cv fishfinder. This device offers a range of capabilities to help you navigate the waters with ease. Here are some key features:

  • GPS Waypoints and Routes: Easily mark hot spots, boat ramps, and docks as GPS waypoints, making it simple to navigate back to these locations in the future. You can also create routes to plan your fishing trips efficiently.
  • High-Sensitivity GPS: The built-in GPS provides a high-sensitivity 1Hz signal, ensuring quick and accurate positioning. This feature enhances your navigation experience, allowing you to find your desired fishing spots with precision.
  • Waypoint Sharing: Share your waypoints and routes with compatible Garmin devices, making it convenient to collaborate with fellow anglers or transfer data between devices.
  • Sonar History Rewind: The sonar history rewind feature allows you to review and mark waypoints based on previous sonar data. This feature aids in mapping areas and helps you navigate more effectively.
  • Boat Speed Display: The device displays your boat speed, which is useful for trolling and when navigating wake-controlled areas. This information adds an extra layer of navigation assistance.

With its mapping and navigation features, the STRIKER Vivid 5cv offers a comprehensive solution for anglers. Whether you need to mark waypoints, plan routes, or review sonar history, this fishfinder has you covered. Stay on track and make the most of your fishing adventures with the STRIKER Vivid 5cv.

Networking and Connectivity Options

Continue to maximize the capabilities of the STRIKER Vivid 5cv fishfinder by exploring its networking and connectivity options. While the device may have limited networking features with no Ethernet cable or NMEA compatibility, it does offer some connectivity options through the ActiveCaptain app. With the app, you can connect your phone or tablet to the fishfinder via Wi-Fi and store and share Quickdraw Maps. This compensates for the lack of connectivity with other units. Additionally, you can purchase and use charts on your phone through the ActiveCaptain app, making up for the device’s inability to display maps or charts directly.

Networking and Connectivity Options

The ActiveCaptain app also allows you to share waypoints and routes with compatible Garmin devices, enhancing the GPS and navigation features of the STRIKER Vivid 5cv. Although the fishfinder itself does not support maps or charts, it does have the Quickdraw Contours feature, which allows you to create personalized fishing maps. These maps can be shared with the Quickdraw Community using the ActiveCaptain app, providing valuable information to fellow anglers.

It is important to note that the STRIKER Vivid 5cv’s lack of networking capabilities limits its synergy with other units. However, the ActiveCaptain app offers some connectivity options and helps compensate for this limitation. By leveraging the app’s features, you can enhance your fishing experience and make the most of the STRIKER Vivid 5cv’s capabilities.

Additional Features and Benefits

You can further enhance your fishing experience with the STRIKER Vivid 5cv by taking advantage of its additional features and benefits. Here are five ways the Striker Vivid 5cv can help you catch more fish:

Additional Features and Benefits
  • Quickdraw Contours mapping software: With this feature, you can create personalized fishing maps, allowing you to easily navigate and identify fishing spots. By knowing the underwater topography, you can increase your chances of finding the best fishing locations.
  • Built-in GPS: The Vivid 5cv comes with built-in GPS, enabling you to mark waypoints and easily navigate back to your favorite spots. This feature is especially useful when exploring new fishing areas or fishing in unfamiliar waters.
  • Flasher mode: The Striker Vivid 5cv offers a flasher mode, which is perfect for stationary fishing, ice-fishing, and jigging. This mode provides real-time feedback on the depth of fish, helping you target them more effectively.
  • Compatibility with various transducer types: The Vivid 5cv is compatible with different transducer types, allowing you to use it in diverse fishing environments. Whether you’re fishing in freshwater or saltwater, this versatility ensures that you can rely on the Striker Vivid 5cv in any situation.
  • ActiveCaptain app: The ActiveCaptain app provides Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to store and share your Quickdraw maps. This feature compensates for the limited networking capabilities of the device, making it easier to access and manage your fishing data.

Final Thought

In conclusion, the Striker Vivid 5cv by Garmin is a must-have fish finder for any angler. Its compact and waterproof design, along with its 5-inch backlit color display, make it easy to use in any weather condition. With its CHIRP sonar technology and ClearVu scanning sonar, you’ll have detailed images of fish and structures underwater. The GPS and navigation features, along with the user-friendly display, make it a breeze to find your way and catch more fish. Don’t miss out on this reliable and versatile fish finder.

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