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Unleashing Performance: Raymarine Dragonfly 5pro Review

by David Seibert
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Raymarine Dragonfly 5pro

Key Takeaways

  • Durable, sleek design for marine use.
  • Advanced sonar tech for clear fish detection.
  • Wi-Fi connection to smartphones and tablets.
  • Mapping, navigation features, accurate depth imaging up to 160ft.

So, you’ve been searching for the perfect fish finder/sonar unit to enhance your fishing experience, and you stumble upon the Raymarine Dragonfly 5pro. Now, you may be thinking, “Oh great, another review telling me how amazing this device is.” But let me assure you, this discussion is not going to be filled with exaggerated claims and over-the-top enthusiasm. Instead, we’ll take a closer look at the features, performance, and value this device offers, and let you decide if it’s worth your consideration. Hold on tight, because the Raymarine Dragonfly 5pro might just be the fish finder you’ve been waiting for.

Raymarine Dragonfly 5pro Design and Build Quality

The Raymarine Dragonfly 5PRO boasts a sleek and compact design, ensuring durability with its waterproof and fog-proof construction that meets IPX6 and IPX7 standards. This fish finder is built to withstand the harsh marine environment, making it perfect for anglers who venture out into unpredictable conditions. Its 5-inch optically bonded LCD screen with a resolution of 480 x 800 offers high visibility, displaying bright colors and sharp contrast even in bright sunlight. The screen is designed to provide clear and detailed images, making it easy to identify fish and underwater structures.

Raymarine Dragonfly 5pro Design and Build Quality

The Dragonfly 5PRO features advanced sonar technology, including wide-spectrum CHIRP and DownVision. This dual-channel sonar system offers impressive depth capability, with DownVision reaching up to 600 feet and CHIRP reaching up to 900 feet. With such depth capability, anglers can accurately detect fish and underwater structures, enhancing their fishing experience.

In addition to its excellent sonar capabilities, the Dragonfly 5PRO is also equipped with Wi-Fi streaming capability. This allows users to connect to the WiFish mobile app and Navionics Boating App, providing access to additional features and functionalities. Furthermore, the unit allows users to create personal bathymetric charts, enabling them to customize their fishing experience.

Advanced Sonar Technology

Now let’s dive into the impressive features of the Dragonfly 5PRO’s advanced sonar technology. The Raymarine Dragonfly fish finders utilize advanced dual-channel CHIRP sonar technology, providing detailed and accurate fish detection, dual-beam sonar, and wide coverage for finding structures.

Dual Channel Sonar

Here are five key features of the Dragonfly 5PRO’s advanced sonar technology:

  • CHIRP DownVision: The Dragonfly 5PRO uses CHIRP DownVision sonar technology, which emits a wide-spectrum CHIRP signal to provide high-resolution imaging of the underwater terrain and fish identification.
  • DownVision sonar: With the Dragonfly 5PRO, you can get accurate imaging at depths reaching up to 160ft. The DownVision sonar uses multiple frequencies to deliver clear and easy-to-interpret images.
  • CHIRP sonar: The Dragonfly 5PRO’s CHIRP sonar emits more signals into the water, resulting in better detail and imaging. This technology enables you to see more fish and structures with greater clarity.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi: The Dragonfly 5PRO comes with integrated Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect to the WiFish mobile app. This feature lets you view the fishfinder display on your mobile device and capture images for future reference.
  • Easy to use: The Dragonfly 5PRO features a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, making it easy for both beginners and experienced anglers to navigate and operate the fish finder.

With its advanced sonar technology, the Dragonfly 5PRO offers accurate imaging, wide coverage, and easy-to-use features, making it a reliable tool for any fishing adventure.

Dual Channel Sonar

Dual Channel Sonar combines wide-spectrum CHIRP technology and conical sonar channels to enhance the Dragonfly 5PRO’s imaging capabilities. This technology offers improved imaging of underwater structures and fish identification compared to traditional single-channel sonar. By utilizing both wide and conical beams, it provides detailed and accurate fish detection. The wide-spectrum CHIRP technology allows for wider coverage, making it easier to detect underwater terrain. On the other hand, the conical sonar channels provide a narrower beam angle, resulting in better fish detection.

With the Dragonfly 5PRO’s Dual Channel Sonar, you can expect clearer and more detailed images of the underwater environment. This is especially useful for anglers who rely on accurate fish identification to improve their fishing experience. Whether you’re looking for a depth finder or a fish finder, the Dragonfly 5PRO’s dual CHIRP and DownVision sonar technology will not disappoint. It is no wonder why the Dragonfly series of fish finders, including the Dragonfly 5PRO, has gained popularity among fishing enthusiasts.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

With its advanced Dual Channel Sonar technology, the Raymarine Dragonfly 5PRO seamlessly transitions into Wi-Fi Connectivity, allowing anglers to connect their smartphones or tablets for enhanced fishfinder functionality.

Here are five key features of the Dragonfly 5PRO’s Wi-Fi Connectivity:

  • Integrated Wi-Fi: The Dragonfly 5PRO comes equipped with integrated Wi-Fi, enabling easy connection to your smartphone or tablet.
  • WiFish App: Raymarine’s WiFish app allows users to connect their mobile devices to the Dragonfly 5PRO fishfinder and access the display remotely.
  • Sonar Transmission: With Wi-Fi connectivity, anglers can transmit sonar signals from the Dragonfly 5PRO to their smartphones or tablets, offering a convenient way to view fish and depth information remotely.
  • Navionics Boating App: By utilizing the Wi-Fi feature, users can access the Navionics Boating App on their smartphones or tablets to access enhanced functionality and navigation features.
  • External Display: The Dragonfly 5PRO’s Wi-Fi connectivity allows users to utilize their smartphones or tablets as external depth finder displays, providing a more versatile and convenient fishfinding experience.

With these Wi-Fi Connectivity features, the Raymarine Dragonfly 5PRO enhances the fishing experience by offering seamless connectivity to your smartphone or tablet, expanding the capabilities of your fish finder.

Mapping and Navigation Features

The Raymarine Dragonfly 5PRO’s Mapping and Navigation Features offer anglers accurate and detailed CHIRP sonar technology for improved terrain imaging and fish identification. With its 5-inch display, the Dragonfly 5PRO provides a clear and vibrant view of the underwater world. The built-in optical bonding enhances color and contrast, ensuring a crisp and sharp display. The CHIRP sonar technology allows for better imaging of terrain and fish, providing anglers with a more detailed and accurate view beneath the surface.

Mapping and Navigation Features

This device also features down imaging with a depth accuracy of up to 160ft. By utilizing multiple frequencies, it provides clearer interpretation of images, enabling anglers to spot fish and underwater structures with ease. The Dragonfly 5PRO supports various map options, including Navionics, C-MAP, and Raymarine’s LightHouse maps. These maps offer detailed information on waterways, coastal areas, and points of interest, enhancing navigation capabilities.

In terms of ease of use, the Dragonfly 5PRO offers waypoint and track management. Users can save and import/export up to 3,000 waypoints and 15 tracks, making it convenient to revisit favorite fishing spots. Over 86 waypoint icons are available for various purposes, allowing anglers to mark important locations on their maps.

Final Thoughts

The Raymarine Dragonfly 5pro is a top-notch fish finder/sonar unit that offers impressive features and benefits for anglers. Its user-friendly interface and easy installation process make it a convenient choice. The dual channel CHIRP sonar technology provides sharp signals and clear images, enhancing the fishing experience. With built-in accurate mapping, waypoint features, and Wi-Fi capability, it offers both functionality and convenience. Overall, the Dragonfly 5pro is a reliable and valuable tool for any angler’s arsenal, helping them navigate the waters with ease.

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